AXES Visual Search


State-of-the-art Video Search Engine

The general public is an important user group for archives. The access models that we implemented and the tablet-based design of the AXES-Home system focuses on entertainment and "edutainment". The interface is kept as simple as possible but at the same time, invites users to explore content using the advanced features made possible by AXES' audio and visual analysis tools. For example, by providing a browsing option on the basis of visual categories that allows a user to browse through all elephants found in the collection.

An example of a novel access model is based upon the observation that archives should bring content to where the user is, instead of the traditional model that requires a user to come to the content (e.g., website of the archive). AXES implements this by providing users with relevant content from the archives dynamically based on the contents of external sources such as newsfeeds, blogs and websites.

The tool is only accessible in the Sound & Vision network because of copyright on the used content.