About us

What about LABS?

Sound and Vision LABS represent our Research & Innovation activities. On a wide range of topics, we put media innovation into practice by connecting new technologies and innovative ideas to real data (“big multimedia data”) and evaluating them in real-life use scenarios in media, cultural heritage, research, education and journalism, together with real users. By doing so, we have been facilitating (inter)national researchers to help bring forward innovations in the media domain for many years. At the same time, working with great minds with great ideas and by testing those ideas in practice helps us to remain a modern-day archive that persistently finds useful ways to open up, explore and exploit the multifaceted richness of our large multimedia archives.

The labs.beeldengeluid.nl website serves as the umbrella website for all our LABS activities, the ones from the past and LABS that are currently active. You will find showcases of tools, demos and prototypes that have been developed in the past years with our (inter)national partners in research and industry. Please note that in some cases the showcases require authentication for access. You can request access via the contact details on the application page.

We are delighted to be able to collaborate with our partners in academia and higher education in a variety of research and innovation projects funded by national and European funding schemes. Check-out our research pages to get an impression on what we are doing and how to collaborate with us.

For more information about Sound and Vision Lab activities, please contact: rordelman@beeldengeluid.nl


What about Sound and Vision?

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is one of Europe’s largest audiovisual archives that is progressively making its way into the digital realm. It maintains and provides access to over 1 million hours of television, radio, music, film and web video. Sound and Vision provides access to its collections online for various end-user services, including dedicated services for the creative industries, education and research. The institute operates as a visitor attraction aimed at the general public and is visited by over 250.000 people annually.

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