Open Data Lab

Sound & Vision: a hub in the Open Data ecosystem

The Open Data Lab experiments with making open data sets (digital objects, metadata, terms and enrichments) optimally available in order to participate in an (inter)national ecosystem of Open Data.

All this takes place on the public internet, in cooperation with users and partners. Connections are made with other heritage collections, the open community and other relevant sources on the internet.

The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision as a public institution considers it a core part of its task to provide access to as much of its holdings as is possible within copyright restrictions. This means that we don't only intend to use the museum and the various online portals for access. We also aim to enable third parties to (re)use our collection data and in doing so improve discoverability, contextualisation and increase engagement with various audiences.

Within the Netherlands the Network for Digital Heritage (NDE) is working towards a distributed network of heritage information, in which connections between the various collections in the Netherlands can be made. The national strategy and the Digital Heritage Reference Architecture that formulate the principles according to which such a distributed network must work, guide the work done within the Open Data Lab.

Equally important is the national research infrastructure for humanities and social sciences, CLARIAH. Here too connections between various collections and datasets can be made in order to facilitate researchers in studying societal issues represented in this data. The Open Data Lab works to publish the Sound & Vision collection and enrichment data and establish relevant links with the outside world.