Transnational Radio Encounters


Transnational Radio Encounters investigates how radio structures cultural encounters

TRE aims at establishing a new transnational agenda in radio research. Moving through and beyond national and comparative paradigms in order to investigate radio's transnational structures and forms, TRE places radio research within contemporary discussions about migration, cultural identities, encounters and memories by generating new knowledge about the meaning of radio and listening in the age of globalisation and digitisation.

The six work packages are structured according to the following crosscutting themes:

  • Infrastructures & Public Spheres, investigating how radio infrastructures help structure public and counter-public spheres.
  • Aesthetics & Territoriality, investigating the intersections between auditory expression and feelings of belonging evoked by radio.
  • Archive & Cultural Memory, investigating how and where transnational encounters in and through radio have been archived and re-circulated, and how broadcasting archives have been used in transnational radio encounters.