Musical Crossroads


Graph representation of the life and work of four composers

The Musical Crossroads visualization is a graph representation of the life and work of the composers that are featured in the Music in Movement project. It shows the composers and their compositions, the techniques they used and what inspired them. There are also links to their friends and colleagues, the places they visited and the events they participated in. All the entities are illustrated with videos, images or audio. The interactive visual network enables you to discover the composers and the way they are connected with each other.

The Music in Movement project is initiated by four European Archives: Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision (NISV), The Arvo Pärt Centre (APC), French Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA) and Polish National Film Archive - Audiovisual Institute (FINA). With support of the Mondriaan Fund, they were able to bring together their research on the lives and work of four contemporary composers. The interactive graph visualization and linked data editor where provided by the Utrecht based company Frontwise (contact: