A visual encyclopedia of Dutch TV history combining multiple open data sources

BengDB is an experiment of the R&D Department to investigate whether it is possible to combine multiple data sources on the basis of the GTAA, the thesaurus used in Sound & Vision to make the media in the archive better searchable. Data from different sources were combined in a very readable way. This encyclopedia is not manually written or composed, instead, existing text, images and data is reused.

The BengDB is built around the GTAA, and this is also seen in the URL of each page. The number you see there is a unique identification number for that particular person. For example Andre van Duin is number 95024, so the URL to his lemma is BengDB also has an API. You can extract the data by adding .json behind a URL. BengDB uses openly available sources such as Wikipedia, Wikidata, Beeld & Geluidwiki and in Beeld & Geluid.

BengDB was developed by Hay Kranen.