AVResearcher XL


Exploring radio and television in context

AVResearcherXL is a tool for exploring radio and television programme descriptions, television subtitles, tweets about television programmes, and general newspaper articles. The interface searches across the catalogue "iMMix" of the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision and a selection of newspapers of the National Library of the Netherlands. Authentication is needed, you can register to create an account here. After you've registered you can find an elaborate user manual on the help page of the tool.

AVResearcherXL is an extended version of MeRDES, the tool developed in 2012 by the NWO-CATCH project BRIDGE. MeRDES was further developed into AVResearcher by the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision in 2013. AVResearcherXL is a collaborative project of Centre for Television in Transition (Utrecht University), Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam) and the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision. The partners worked together with Dispectu for the development of the interface and back-end, and with Frontwise for the styling of the interface.

The AVResearcher XL tool has been rebuild for the CLARIAH Media Suite.