Links we like

GTAA - Shared Thesaurus for Audiovisual Archives

Together with other partners from the audiovisual cultural heritage sector, we have developed a thesaurus for audiovisual archives. For more information (in Dutch) check this link.

FLOSS Inventory

The FLOSS Inventory lists all the Free Libre Open Source Softwares relevant for the GLAM community. It contains:

  1. Applications for accessing, working with or creating content, for example, timelines, interactive maps, tagging games and annotations tools.
  2. Applications for managing metadata, for example, back office tools for mapping or harvesting metadata, for publishing linked data, or for aligning ontologies.
  3. Applications for multilingual access and translation.

To contribute to the FLOSS inventory, email Gregory Markus

EBU Open Source list

A curated list of open source resources for broadcasters. Contribute by forking awesome-broadcasting and submitting a pull request.