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Status Completed
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Themes Humanities Metadata & Context
Main topics Digital Humanities Media Studies Exploring Analysis CLARIAH Content Enrichments Public Debates
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The application is a search engine for digital humanities that allows researchers to explore and partly analyse public debates and discourses through the diffusion of news and opinion through different media and time. Specific roles of different media can be explored and their mutual relations & reactions can be laid bare. In TROVe, researches can identify important actors and moments that (have) play(ed) a role in discursive constructions. TROVe also gives insights in the way broadcast-, online & social media interact and play a role in public debates.

TROVe was developed by Utrecht University’s Centre for Television in Transition, Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. The partners worked together with Dispectu for the development of the back-end, and with Frontwise for the design and development of the interface.

TROVe is only accessable for academic researchers and higher education.

The TROVe tool has been rebuild for the CLARIAH Media Suite.